About Rebecca Staub Staging And Design
About Rebecca Staub Interior Designer Fairfield County Ct

Here’s the real story…

I fell in love with design back in 2012 when I began building my own home. I loved the creative process of turning a patch of land into a beautiful home that functioned well for my growing family.

I also loved that I could flex my organization and spreadsheet skills from all those years working in finance for tracking orders and staying on budget.

The thing is, it never occurred to me that other people didn’t like the design process as much as I did. I decided to go into real estate and that I would make so much money doing that, I could buy my own properties and design them and then sell them… sort of a roundabout way to practice my design skills.

In the meantime, friends and family were asking me to help with designing their homes, and I did it for free because I loved it so much. My real estate team leader also noticed my eye for styling and had me staging all of our listings.

I loved it and took a certificate course in staging. The team then started referring their buyers to me to help furnish their new homes, and that is how Rebecca Staub Staging & Design was born!

Now, I’m known for designing spaces with that little something extra—the elements that make a space feel amazing.

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