The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us: A Luxurious Bathroom Transformation

The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us: A Luxurious Bathroom Transformation

Primary Bathroom Renovation Project in Ridgefield, CT

The heart of any home is often its bathrooms, serving as a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, for one homeowner, their primary bathroom was stuck in the early 2000s, with a dark and dated aesthetic that didn’t align with their vision of a luxurious retreat. In this blog post, we delve into the details of the challenges faced, the client’s hopes for the space, and the solutions that transformed a mundane space into an oasis for this Ridgefield, CT bathroom renovation.

Luxury Ridgefield CT Bathroom Remodel
Photography Credit: Abby Cole Photography

The Design Dilemma

The journey began with the realization that the original early 2000s bathroom lacked the elegance and functionality the homeowner was looking for. The floor tile, small with numerous grout lines, was challenging to keep clean, prompting the client to prefer a larger scale tile. A unique challenge presented itself due to the bathroom’s architectural layout — there were 10-foot ceilings above the shower and toilet area, while the ceiling slanted down to a 6.5-foot height above the vanity. Thus, the project was aptly named “The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us.”

Ridgefield, Ct Bathroom Design Before
Here you can see the ceiling slants right above this mirror at 6.5′

A Steamy Situation

Complicating matters further, the bathroom featured a steam shower enclosed by 10-foot glass panels, posing cleaning challenges and contributing to the dated appearance. To address this, the decision was made to eliminate the steam shower altogether. This not only resolved the cleaning issue but also freed up resources that could be redirected towards elevating the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

old steam shower and water closet

Reworking the Ceiling

The challenge of varying ceiling heights required a thoughtful approach. The design team decided to lean into the ceiling by removing the 10-foot glass panels and adding trim over the shower. This not only addressed the design dilemma but also allowed for a more cohesive and visually pleasing transition from the higher ceilings to the lower slanted ones.

Clever Space Utilization

The water closet, originally with a less-than-ideal appearance, was redesigned by extending the walls to the ceiling. This adjustment not only minimized the “squatty” look but also created a more harmonious flow within the space. Re-working this was crucial in achieving a balanced and aesthetically pleasing layout.

Client Desires and Design Direction

Interior design Ridgefield CT

Understanding the client’s wishes was incredibly important in crafting a bathroom that truly reflected their vision. The homeowner expressed a desire for wainscoting, a chandelier over the tub, heated floors, and a seamless shower. With the house leaning towards a more traditional style, the design team embraced this aesthetic, infusing the space with classic elements while adding a touch of modern luxury.

Marble Shower
Photography Credit: Abby Cole Photography

Luxury in the Details

To create a sense of opulence, the team opted for polished nickel fixtures, marble tiles, and a crystal chandelier. The marriage of traditional design elements with luxurious finishes resulted in a bathroom that exuded sophistication. Mirroring the wainscoting on the walls and incorporating tile details in the shower brought a sense of elegance to the space.

Ridgefield CT Bathroom Designer
Photography Credit: Abby Cole Photography

Rethinking the Steam Shower

The decision to forgo the steam shower proved to be a strategic move. The homeowners admitted to infrequently using the steam feature, making it an unnecessary expense. Redirecting the funds originally allocated for the steam shower towards high-quality finishes allowed for a seamless integration of the new design with the existing home.

Polished Nickel Fixtures
Photography Credit: Abby Cole Photography

Potions and Lotions Storage

This client’s most important request was to create extra space to accommodate her extensive collection of potions and lotions. In response to this request, our design team embraced the opportunity to marry functionality with aesthetic appeal. The result not only met the practical needs of our client but also elevated the overall design, seamlessly integrating the client’s passion for beauty into the very fabric of her daily routine. The choice of vanity wall led to the client being able to view the tile work on the wall directly behind through the mirrors, captivating another gorgeous detail of this project from another vantage point.

Traditional Bathroom design
Photography Credit: Abby Cole Photography

The Grand Finale

With meticulous planning and attention to detail, the final product is something to be proud of. The homeowner is over the moon to have their new space put together and to have it feel like a seamless part of their home’s overall design.

Marble Shower Niche
Photography Credit: Abby Cole Photography
Mirrors with Sconces in between
Photography Credit: Abby Cole Photography


“The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us” stands as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and strategic decision-making in the realm of home renovations. By addressing the challenges of a dated and impractical bathroom, the project not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

Rebecca Staub Interior Designer
Photography Credit: Abby Cole Photography

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